Welcome to the Diary of Daisy Adams.

in the column on the left you will find an explanation as to the origins of Daisy's Diary. Below are extracts from her writings. We are periodically adding extracts so if you are new here start by reading from the bottom entry up.

Diary Entry: 2nd September 1865 - Part 2

There it was, cloaked in darkness, but glowing with a strange light from inside its skull. A skeleton! Its eye holes were yellow and flickering, as if it was a Hallowe'en pumpkin. Its jaw dropped open, bit loosely on the bread.

Crumbs tumbled over its cracked teeth and down its throat. Well, they would have done if the throat was still there. Bits of bread fell over the skeleton's ribs and landed on the ground.

I went to pull my catapult out of my inside pocket, but before I could move, something big and hard thumped against the skeleton's skull. Light sprayed out through lots of tiny cracks as the skull wobbled and started to fall apart!

When I saw what had hit the skeleton, I could scarce believe it!